Na razie proszę tu nie wchodzić :)
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inspirational one

What I have for you today is the whole bunch of inspiration! :)

That one motivated me to finally fly a balloon, which is my biggest dream since childhood! I promise to post a picture from the flight on my Instagram :)

rug bjuti

I guess collecting beautiful rugs will be my new hobby! Thanks to Urban Outfitters ;)

Wow, good to know! Btw, love Provance & L’occitane 


Can the vegan cuisine be eatable for the regular, meat-eating person? Of course! Here’s one of the most yammy vegan recipes I’ve ever seen :)

Re-think before judging someone and be prepare to be judged ;)

alley rug

Alley Rug by Alphons ter Avest 

#motd :)

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